21 01 2009
BrainPOP UK Website

Here is the first idea (hopefully of many) to use in the classroom. BrainPOP has been around for some time now, however the UK version has only recently been launched. The site features a range of short videos in which Tim and his robot friend Moby explain a whole variety of topics from subjects like Art and Design, History, PSE, Maths and Science.

The videos are fantastic and a great way to introduce a topic or summarise it. I have used them in the past with S1-3 classes and the pupils have responded really well to them.

You might have used these before, but if not I have set up a free three month trial to use them in school. If you are interested in trialling the site with any of your classes please let me know and I will forward the sign in details.

Let me know how you get on with it.




2 responses

22 01 2009

Hi Portobello! Thanks for the kind words about BrainPOP. If you or your colleagues need any help just let me know. Lots of luck with your new blog, we are honoured to be one of your first posts.

Would it be OK to link to your post from our website so other people can see your comments? We’re only new in the UK so we need all the support we can get. Let me know!


22 01 2009

Thanks for your comment Chris. Several of the staff are already making use of BrainPOP and loving the resources available. I would be happy for you to link the post to your website, I’m sure there will be further posts soon!
Thanks for organising the trial.

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