LTS and copyright free images

4 02 2009

There are some fantastic free resources posted on the LTS website. They have a new section devoted to ‘The Homecoming’ as well as a focus on the life and work of Robert Burns. Their Spanish podcasts involve a group of young people discussing a variety of topics from Immigration to Family.

The site is definitely worth keeping an eye on the resources are free and could come in handy for your subject.

In terms of other free resources, I have always found it difficult to find copyright free images to use. There are lots of sites giving images for use in the classroom but few that would then allow you to put the images into short videos or presentations online. is a great educational resource. The images are subject specific and can be used for educational purposes. The only problem is that you cannot use them for public display. The school does have a subscription though and the site is definitely worth using.

For totally copyright free images, the best site I have come across is www.pics4learning

They are happy for you to use images in presentations. By doing this you could allow classes to make their own short movies and post them to this blog!




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